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opposes the bill and tells us: "to the extent that this proposed law would ban the display of products to adult tobacco consumers, we believe it goes too far." the supreme court will listen to arguments from a generic drug company in a critical case. millions of dollars are at stake as mutual pharmaceutical asks the nation's top court to overturn a $21-million jury award to a new hampshire woman. she took the company's generic verision of an anti- inflammatory drug, which left her blind and scarred. the case could determine the extent generic drug makers are liable for injuries even though federal laws require an exact copycat of the original drug. "if the supreme court decides to reverse the appellete court decision, which is 75% likely, it means it will almost be impossible to sue a generic drugmaker for anything." that was hugh totten of valorem law group. nearly 80% of all u.s. perscriptions are generics. fee hikes for merchants that sell on amazon are causing tension. amazon can thank third- party retailers - entities that sell on amazon's site - for amazon's record profits and
could soon make it harder for consumers to sue for a drug's side effects. under federal law, generic and brand name drugs are required to have the same warning label. now, generics are attempting to decrease liability over any harmful effects. generic companies say the industry is unable to change the product due to those federal standards. a hidden affordable care act fee is popping up for u.s. employers. the $63 fee will apply to plans covering millions of americans in 2014. it applies to employers who take on workers' medical bills and some private plans sold by insurers. the fee will be smaller in 2015 and 2016. meanwhile, the aca is projected to help 30 million uninsured americans. hedge fund manager carl ichan is pumping up his position in herbalife. according to reports, ichan recently purchased 2.3 million more shares of the stock, bringing his portfolio total to 16.4 million. ichan is said to be considering a number of options with the herbalife managment, such as a takeover. on the other side of the trade, hedge fund manager bill ackman had a short position in the stock whi
and ipads are stricter and violate competition laws. meanwhile a greener apple is growing. the company now uses 100% renewable energy in its data centers in the u.s., and 75% worldwide. also, reports are swirling the company is rolling out its new iphone 5s this summer, as well as a less-expensive iphone 5 that has plastic casing. blackberry's new phone goes on sale in verizon stores this week. so far, the market seems unimpressed with blackberry's latest launch. the stock sold off on friday, ending the day down by around 8%. the z-10 is the latest smartphone joining the club. blackberry is hoping to be a bigger player against samsung and apple. the z-10, the company's new touch-screen phone, allows users to use multiple apps at a time. the phone prices in at $199, and is available with at&t, verizon and t-mobile. barnes & noble is giving away gadgets this week. the bookstore chain is offering free nook simple-touch e-readers to customers who buy the nook hd tablet. the nook simple-touch did not catch on with consumers as well as the company anticipated. it may be doing the give-away to p
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3